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Car Cleaning Tips from ChicMoto

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How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Spring cleaning doesn't need to be restricted to your home alone. Caroline Ecklin, founder of ChicMoto, the popular auto blog for women, shares her car cleaning tips for getting a showroom shine on your vehicle windows!

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Home and Car Cleaning Tips from ChicMoto

When the weather is nice out, we clean! I’ve mentioned before the importance of keeping your car clean in the summer and winter. Not only will you enhance the life of your vehicle, but you can also increase your resale value if you keep your car looking good. Now, I am sure a lot of you use different car cleaning products, but one product that needs to be in your garage is Invisible Glass. In fact, you can use Invisible Glass on your car and then, using the same bottle, take it inside to do some household spring cleaning! One bottle with so many cleaning opportunities. It doesn’t get better than that! Since it was 70 degrees in PA this past weekend, I took advantage of the weather and cleaned my car (of course). I mentioned using Invisible Glass and the Reach & Clean Tool in my car wash video, but I wanted to give you guys a better tutorial on how to use IG and the Reach & Clean Tool for both home and car cleaning. Let’s get started.

Using Invisible Glass Throughout Your Vehicle

The video below demonstrates how I use IG throughout my vehicle. Remember, never clean your glass in direct sunlight and keep drying until the product is fully dried for that streak-free finish.

Here are all the areas in my car I clean with Invisible Glass.
  1. Interior / Exterior Windshield
  2. Rear-View Mirror
  3. Side Windows (interior and exterior)
  4. Side Mirrors
There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to clean your vehicle with ease. You can sit back in any car seat and reach your windshield without having to break your back. I mean it, just watch the video if you don’t trust me!  

Don’t settle for dirty glass. Just grab one bottle of Invisible Glass plus the Reach & Clean Tool and your car will be the cleanest thing on the planet. Almost as clean as mine ;) Enjoy!