Water Spot Remover 7 oz. Tube

Water Spot Remover

7 oz. Tube


Water Spot Remover

7 oz. Tube

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$ 6.99

Protect Windshields and Windows from Damaging Water Spots!

Product Description:

Invisible Glass is the #1-selling automotive glass cleaner brand trusted by professional detailers – now in a water spot remover!

Debris from car washing, sprinkler systems, and pollution in rain and wind leave water spots on car glass. This build up can scratch and damage glass decreasing visibility and requiring costly repairs. Invisible Glass Water Spot Remover cleans and protects windows and windshields. Mild abrasives polish away water spots, mineral deposits, bug splats, sap, salt spray, and road grime. Lubricants protect from scratching.

Tested and proven 100% residue free!

Invisible Glass is the #1-selling glass cleaner for cleaning car windows and auto detailing. Many glass cleaning products contain soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives that leave residues on glass. Residues form streaks and attract grime to the surface. This build up may damage tints and finishes.

Mild abrasives polish away water spots and mineral deposits

Lubricants protect glass from scratching

Residue-free Clear Dry® formula cleans without residues

Safe on tinted windows

Pro Detailing Tips for Expertly Clean Windshield and Windows:

  • Start with clean, dry glass.
  • Apply product with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth. Gel formula stays put on vertical surfaces.
  • Finish by rinsing and drying glass.