Lint-Free Cleaning Bonnets

Replacement Bonnets - 3 Pack


Lint-Free Cleaning Bonnets

Replacement Bonnets - 3 Pack

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Clean Windshields and Windows Faster and Easier!

Product Description:

Quickly Trap and Lift Dirt and Grime!

Cleaning Bonnets are made from ultra-absorbent, lint-free microfiber and specially designed to fit the Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool. Each cleaning bonnet is washable, reversible, and reusable. Pack includes 3 microfiber cleaning bonnets.



Machine washable

Use with Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool and Invisible Glass cleaner

Pro Cleaning Tips:

  • Cleaning bonnets are made from low-pile microfiber specially designed for glass care.
  • For streak free glass cleaning always use a clean, dry cleaning bonnet.
  • Cleaning bonnets are machine washable. For best results avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets.



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