Anti-Fog Windshield Treatment

3.5 oz. Bottle


Anti-Fog Windshield Treatment

3.5 oz. Bottle

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$ 32.80

Prevent Fogging and Increase Driving Visibility!

Product Description:

Prevent Fogging Before It Starts!

Easily prevent fogging on the inside of windshields, windows, and mirrors. Improve safety and visibility when driving with this long-lasting windshield treatment. A single application creates a long-lasting barrier for fog and steam.

Prevents fog before it starts.

Can be used on windshields, windows, and mirrors.

Designed for interior glass only.

Pro Detailing Tips:

  • Clean and dry windshield and glass before applying treatment.
  • To avoid haze caused by excess product, apply a small amount to a paper towel or cloth then wipe onto glass.
  • Re-apply as needed.



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