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Low Lint Drying Towels

QTY: 12 per kit, 1200 per case


Low Lint Drying Towels

QTY: 12 per kit, 1200 per case

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$ 16.50

Our Lowest Lint Towel!

You get lower lint and greater strength from blue cotton drying towels. Low-linting for cleaning and drying windows, soft enough for polishing, yet strong and durable for finishing metals. Large sized (16 x 24") new, hemmed towels packaged in kits of 12. Versatile, durable, low-lint towels are ideal for glass and windows.

Pair with Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner for the Ultimate in Streak Free Shine!

Invisible Glass was formulated to dissolve and remove the unique film that builds up on the interior windshield from plasticizer film, smoke haze, and other environmental debris. On exterior glass, Invisible Glass quickly breaks down bug splats, bird droppings, salt spray, and road grime. Plus Invisible Glass is ammonia free and safe to use on tinted windows. You’re left with a professionally clean windshield, windows, and mirrors.