Fall Window Cleaning Checklist

Why Invisible Glass Works Better

The Clear Dry Formula

It’s no accident that Invisible Glass works so well. Read more about our Clear Dry Formula—the secret behind great glass cleaning results.

No Soaps

No Soaps

Soaps are great for cleaning dirt, but they leave behind a film that causes streaks. Our Clear Dry® formula starts clean using a unique water source free from additives. We’ve developed a blend of water-soluble cleaners that work hard and evaporate completely.

No Scents

No Scents

Invisible Glass is free of added fragrances that can become household irritants and streak glass, unlike other brands which contain synthetic fragrances, harsh fumes, and ammonia.

No Dyes

No Dyes

Our Clear Dry® formula is free of added dyes and colors. Dyes and colors are great for making a product stand out on the shelf, but they cause streaking and surface staining. That’s why we keep Invisible Glass as clear sparkling clean glass.

No Residues

No Residues

What good is a glass cleaner if it leaves behind residue? Residues from soaps, scents, dyes, and additives are found in many glass cleaners. These residues cling to glass surfaces forming streaks and attracting dust and grime. Our Clear Dry Formula is specially designed to completely evaporate, leaving nothing behind but beautiful glass.

No Streaks

No Streaks

Invisible Glass contains water-soluble cleaners that work better breaking down greasy fingerprints, pet slobber, dust, and grime, leaving your surfaces streak-free.

Stop Cleaning Up After Your Glass Cleaner.

Tired of seeing streaks, especially right after you’re doing cleaning? The problem might just be your glass cleaner because many glass cleaners contain additives that leave streaky residues on glass surfaces.

Invisible Glass has the 100% residue free Clear Dry® formula. We never add streaky soaps, scents, or dyes to our residue-free glass cleaners. The water-soluble cleaners in Invisible Glass work hard to break down greasy fingerprints, smoke haze, pet slobber, dust, and grime. Then Invisible Glass easily wipes clean and evaporates completely leaving nothing behind except perfectly clean, streak-free glass

Glass is a unique and difficult surface to clean. That’s why we’ve developed our products specifically for the challenges of cleaning glass. From water spot removers, to rain repellent, and glass cleaners for home, automotive, and on-the-go, you’ll love the invisible clarity of Invisible Glass. Look for our cleaning kits with everything you need to get started cleaning your home or vehicle.

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Learn more about glass cleaning and get tips and tricks from our experts. We’ll share the best ways to clean every glass surface in your home, as well as pro-detailing tips for your auto windows and windshields.

Fall Window Cleaning Checklist

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Free Fall Window Cleaning Checklist

Jewel-toned leaves, crisp air, cooler nights – fall has officially arrived! The change in season and sense of renewal is a great time to think about tackling some of your cleaning projects – and there’s no better place to start than with this fall window cleaning checklist! Dirty windows block natural light and can be a major source of lost heat. Not to mention a hindrance on your fall foliage gazing.

Downloadable Fall Window Cleaning Checklist

Window cleaning checklist by Invisible Glass

Download or pin our Fall Window Cleaning Checklist and other window cleaning tips, grab your Invisible Glass®, then relax and enjoy the view!   Spring cleaning shouldn't get all the glory! Fall is the perfect time to clean and care for windows. Dirt and grime has been baking on your windows all summer long, not to mention all the bugs and pollen they protected you from! Get started on your fall cleaning with these window cleaning tips.
  • Check windows for leaks. Worn out seals are a major source for lost heat in the cooler months.

  • Dust blinds and clean draperies according to the care instructions. Swap lighter window coverings for insulated seasonal versions.

  • Remove and clean window screens. A garden hose makes fast work of this chore if you have outdoor access. Take time to look for small tears that may need to be repaired.

  • Give a good scrub to window sills and tracks.

  • Clean and insert storm windows if they were removed over the summer.

  • Use a residue-free glass cleaner to clean glass inside and out. Residues from soaps, scents, and dyes found in many glass cleaners form streaks on glass and attract dust and dirt to the surface. Using a microfiber cloth, clean using an up and down motion on one side and a side to side pattern on the other to easily identify any missed spots.

Video: Stop streaks where they start

Find out more about the Clear Dry® formula of Invisible Glass.

Clear Dry Formula