How to Clean Sunglasses

Why Invisible Glass Works Better

Streak-Free Formula

It’s no accident that Invisible Glass works so well. Read more about our streak-free formula, the secret behind great glass cleaning results.

No Soaps

No Soaps

Soaps are great for cleaning dirt, but they leave behind a film that causes streaks. Our streak-free formula starts clean, using a unique water source free from additives. We’ve developed a blend of water-soluble cleaners that work hard and evaporate completely.

No Scents

No Scents

Invisible Glass is free of added fragrances that can become household irritants and streak glass, unlike other brands which can contain synthetic fragrances, harsh fumes, or ammonia.

No Dyes

No Dyes

Our streak-free formula is free of added dyes and colors. Dyes and colors are great for making a product stand out on the shelf, but they cause streaking and surface staining. That’s why we keep Invisible Glass as clear as sparkling clean glass.

No Residues

No Residues

What good is a glass cleaner if it leaves behind residue? Residues from soaps, scents, dyes, or additives are found in many glass cleaners. These residues cling to glass surfaces, forming streaks, and attracting dust and grime. Our streak-free formula is specially designed to evaporate completely, leaving nothing behind but beautiful glass.

No Streaks

No Streaks

Invisible Glass contains water-soluble cleaners that work better, breaking down greasy fingerprints, pet slobber, dust, and grime, leaving your surfaces streak-free.

Stop Cleaning Up After Your Glass Cleaner.


Tired of seeing streaks, especially right after you’re done cleaning? The problem might just be your glass cleaner because many glass cleaners contain additives that leave streaky residues on glass surfaces.

Invisible Glass has a 100% residue-free formula. We never add streaky soaps, scents, or dyes to our residue-free glass cleaners. The water-soluble cleaners in Invisible Glass work hard to break down fingerprints, smoke haze, pet slobber, dust, and grime. Then Invisible Glass easily wipes clean and evaporates completely leaving nothing behind except perfectly clean, streak-free glass

Glass is a unique and difficult surface to clean. That’s why we’ve developed our products specifically for the challenges of cleaning glass. From water spot removers, to rain repellents, ceramic coatings, and glass cleaners for home, office, and auto, you’ll love the invisible clarity of Invisible Glass. Look for our cleaning kits with everything you need to get started cleaning your home or vehicle.


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How to Clean Sunglasses

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How to Clean Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are undoubtedly the most sought after summer accessory. They add a dose of “cool” to any outfit and protect eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Shopping for a new pair of shades? These tips will help you chose a protective pair of sunglasses and provide our top tips to clean sunglasses so they outlast the season!

How to Clean Sunglasses & Choose the Perfect Pair

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Look for 100% UV protection

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology sunglasses are the greatest defense in protecting eyes from sun damage such as cataracts and retina deterioration. The right pair can even prevent skin damage and wrinkles around the eye area. When choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses, always look for lenses with 100% UV protection.

Any Color Goes

Color and darkness of lenses does not effect the level of UV protection. From rose colored glasses to inky Hollywood shades have fun with different shapes and styles. Not sure which frames will work best with your features? These tips will help you determine the most flattering sunglasses for your face.

Add Function to Fashion

Polarized lenses cut glare and may be an ideal feature if you spend time near water, playing sports, or driving. Polarization can cut the glare cast from oncoming vehicles, or reflections on water or pavement improving vision and reducing eye strain.

Care for Your Pair

Whether your sunnies are a steal or an investment a few simple tips will ensure they last the season. Store sunglasses in a sturdy case to avoid wear and tear. Never rest glasses lens-down to prevent scratches. A small screw driver or eye glass kit can be handy for tightening screws that often become loose at the arms and nose piece.

Clean Up

Sunglasses are exposed to a lot of daily grime from sunscreen to make up and sweat. To clean sunglasses, it’s best to use a solution specifically formulated for lenses such as Invisible Glass Lens Wipes. The pre-treated wipes lift and remove oil and dirt without damaging lenses or delicate coatings. The Clear Dry formula is free from soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives that leave residues and streaks on glass. Clean sunglasses will ensure your shades last longer and that you see clearer!  

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Stop Streaks
Where They Start

Find out more about the Clear Dry® formula of Invisible Glass