Stoner Labs, USA based manufacturer of Invisible Glass

Stoner labs have created thousands of products—from professional-grade car detailing products to cutting-edge technologies in home cleaning. Our in-house team of chemists are at the forefront of advancements within the industry.

The Science of Works Better

Developing a glass cleaner that works better was no easy task. Glass is the smoothest surface known to man, which means any level of surface residue results in obstruction of clarity. In fact, it’s that surface reside that creates streaks, haze, and spots. Many glass cleaners rely on soaps and surfactants to clean this unique surface—often adding in colors, dyes, fragrances, and foams. These additives accumulate residues that build up on glass—even after one cleaning. Residue makes glass look dirty, forms streaks, and attracts dust and grime to the surface.

Seeing Glass Clearly

At Stoner labs, we look at glass cleaning differently. We know that a unique surface such as glass requires a unique approach. We developed Invisible Glass specifically for glass surfaces. A multiple-purpose, soap-based cleaner just isn't designed for the surface properties of glass.

Invisible Glass is the only glass cleaner tested and proven 100% residue free. Invisible Glass was developed with unique properties giving it the ability to clean glass to an invisible clarity without leaving behind streaks and residues. The result is a glass cleaner that just works better.

Dedication to Innovation

Innovation is what drove our founder to develop his first offering and it continues to be at the heart of everything Stoner produces. Our expert team of chemists are continuously developing new formulas and researching ways to improve current products based on the changing demands of everyday life and the feedback we receive from you.

While many companies outsource their development and manufacturing we never will. For us, development and manufacturing are critical to how we create leading products like Invisible Glass. With Stoner labs we're able to stay ahead of industry advancements and deliver these innovations to you. That's just one of the many ways Stoner formulates excellence.